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Flatbed Towing and Professional Roadside Assistance

Having served the Dallas community and surrounding area for so many years it is a matter of pride to maintain our reputation as the leading towing service in the area. Towing Riders aren’t just our name- it’s everything we do. Tow trucks were first invented all the way back in 1916 and back then they were nothing more than some steel poles and a chain. We’ve come a long way since then, from our heavy-duty trucks to the light duty wreckers you can be sure to get service perfectly matched to your needs. Leading them all flatbed tow trucks are the best tow truck for transporting your vehicle, and here at Towing Riders and our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates we maintain an entire fleet.

Find below our list of services:

  • 24/7 emergency towing
  • Emergency Roadside assistance
  • Out of gas services
  • removing car key from ignition
  • Car won’t start solutions
  • Car tire change
  • Long distance car towing
  • Dead battery Services
  • Carlock picking
  • Tow truck services
  • Accident towing services
  • Flatbed towing
  • Car towing dolly

Why Are Flatbed Tow Trucks the Best?

Cars are often transported on wreckers where they have two wheels on and two wheels off the ground. In many situations this is not a huge problem as the distance to be towed is only a few miles. However, when you’re stranded on a highway outside of town a flatbed tow truck will ensure that your vehicle is transported safely to its destination. On a flatbed towing truck, your vehicle is loaded completely onto the bed, resting in the position it is meant to travel in- parallel to the ground. In addition to an increased amount of safety for your car, there is going to be no additional wear and tear as the car is transported.
Each of our trucks is equipped with the latest in technology and tools. From the software needed to program transponder keys, to the reliable chains and wrenches needed to secure your vehicle in place we don’t cut corners with our quality.

Our Towing Services Are Well Known

We have long been determined to show an extra measure of professional prowess. From our 24-hour reliability in service to our honest pricing policy, we have a long track record of satisfied customers. No matter where you are night and day our professional technicians are available to respond to your call for help. You can expect help to arrive at a fast response time of your call anywhere in Dallas.
We are not only locally owned and operated but our company is fully licensed and bonded for your complete safety. Our technicians are trained with the highest standards of expertise and are well experienced in field service.
From our trucks to our technicians, Towing Riders is committed to providing you with the very best in towing services.

You can see for yourself what real service is, it only takes one call (972) 244-7067!