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Wrecker Service By Towing Riders

Here in Dallas, it has been our privilege for many years to serve as the wrecker towing company drivers count upon! Towing Riders and their network of licensed affiliates experts is a many-faceted service team that has built our company upon the needs of our clients and this community and we believe each and every situation deserves our professional and expert attention. When a wrecker is needed on site, there is no easy way out. Additionally, it’s never good to need a wrecker, and we’ll be the first to admit that. Car trouble can have a thousand different causes, and whether accidents or breakdowns they can be dangerous and stressful. We have found the most effective way to help ease the stress is by lending a helpful, professional hand. If you are in trouble on the edge of town or on a busy street, in the morning or late at night, we and our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates here for you!

Quick and Easy

Our services and policies are structured around making an accident recovery or tow-away situation as quick and easy as possible. Eliminating stress is done best with a knowing helpful hand. The process begins the minute you call. Our helpful dispatch will make sure they know your name, where you are located and what exact help you need. That very minute a truck is dispatched with a trained technician and all the tools necessary to remedy a situation.

As a truck arrives by your side with fast response time from your call, which is one of our promises to you, we’ll immediately begin sorting out the situation. Our technicians are capable of diagnosing most minor automotive mechanical troubles and will provide you with an honest summary of the trouble if at all possible. Once it has been sorted out we’ll take time to determine with you what will be the best treatment for your situation. Whether you want to be delivered home or to a mechanic or what you will.

Qualified Quality

Each of our wrecker towing trucks is well maintained and fully equipped so that we can provide the services called for. If you simply need roadside assistance you’ll find our technicians ready to jumpstart a battery, unlock a door, or change out a flat tire. Additionally, all of our technicians are licensed and trained to provide the comprehensive services we and our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates offer.

The best way to handle a disaster is to be prepared before it happens. If you want to be prepared for car trouble, simply put our number in your phone contacts list and count on Towing Riders’ wrecker services!